Light on the fire

Rise up the flames

Heat´s increasing higher

I call out for revolution


Wake up the dreamy ones

Call for revenge

A change of things will come

Time is right for a solution


where is the time i remember so well

where is your heart can you tell


all braveness is gone

i can´t remember when

when did it all start

what has happened as it all began


all eyes are staring tired

weakness creeping all around

all feelings are wired

and all our dreams are iced and bound


we´re living in frozen time

But the crystal´s gonna break some day

frozen time

don´t stay(calm)

frozen time

but the ice is not unbreakable

try to end the frozen time



i don´t believe it -

 what i´ve heard today

 i don´t believe it -

 today´s the day i have to pay

 i gonna leave

 my whole life behind

 i was extrastupid

 deaf and dumb and blind


hear the distant thunder- see the flashes in the sky

 with burning eyes i prepare to die

 hear the distant thunder- see the flashes in the sky

 your bleeding eyes can´t stop to crie


now i am facing

 the gleaming door to hell

 now i am chasing

 my last chance of doing well

 i´ve already taken

a view behind that door

i´m afraid and shocked

crawling back over the floor


 no way out and no way back

 i´m locked in i´m under attack

 no way out and no way back

 goodbye my friends break a leg



 I will tell you bout a man who

 left his home and his boring life

 I will tell you bout a man who

 left his children and his wife


 he was posessed of Katharina

 well known ancient russian queen

 he lived her life became her lover

 never turned back out of his dream


 i hear you every day

 and i don´t believe a word you say

 just stop to grieve and give up counting peas

 and write your masterpiece


 he was a winner he was a looser

 he lost everything without fear

 his soul fullfilled with Katharina

 became an artist without career


 he´s gonna go and he´s gonna show the

 entire world what is in his mind

 books and paintings a million love songs

 leaving all his sadness behind


 Katharina she makes me burning

 and i know my heart is yearning

 more and more i´m posessed by you

 my only queen





On a very special night-

in Amsterdam

inbetween the cold red lights -

where it all began

all those screams-

and all those pain

all around us-

did´nt stop our game


.eighteen weeks-

remember the movie

no chance for love-

but i will never forget


she was a hot blond shot

from skandinavia







i open my eyes at the first light of day

 all around me just scum and debris

 white trash is playing rich man´s game

 militant stupidity from dawn to dawn

 stays the same


 every day till i meet you again

 is filled with desire and pain

 the way without you

 turns out stony and hard

 i just hear lonely beating

 my vagabond heart


 i´m too weak to stand the scene

 i´m too tired to stand it again

 i lost my way-but still moving on

 no more words to say-my home is gone






 as i remember

 there were no roses in springtime

 it was so long ago

 the begin of our show

 and i´m sure those times won´t

 come back again


 and it should-allways be heaven

 but it has-allways been hell

 and it should-allways be heaven

 but at last-we hear our final bell


 years had been passing

 and we´d lost our love of life

 games we´d being playing

 we both lost at the end

 full of hope full of fear

 at the end we´re parting here

 and we both feel the same-only shame


 whatever happened

 can´t be made undone

 there is no chance

 for better times to come

 as i remember

 it should be forever

 things turned out bad

 for you and me




 i see you kinky smile

 and your faggot face

 i think you lured for me

 on your everyday space

 and as a hundred times before

 you ask me for some money

 but times are over

 so fuck off honey


 so hear my words

 i hope it hurts


 blood of my blood is blood of my kind


 i know your way of life

 is a hypocrite thing

 i wonder how you manage

 to keep in the ring

 all of your private propertie

 is borrowed and stolen

 there is no single promise

 you ever hold





 I got a burning

 I got a burning fever now

 I gonna turn it

 I gonna turn my soul around


 I feel my temper

 I feel my temper rising high

 I feel my anger

 I feel my anger´s scraping skies


 I will follow you

 All through space and time

 Time will come and you´l be mine


 you gonna hide-i gonna seek

 one day the sledgehammer waits for you


 i gonna get you

 i gonna get you where ever you hide

 i´ll be delighted when you feel save

 sitting at my side


 i will surprise you

 at the moment i´m waiting for

 i gonna show you

 what a sledgehammer is made for








take your time and listen to my words

i wanna talk to you even though it hurts

you´re the man i supposed to be my friend

you were the man i used to defend


you pretend you´re allways busy

i think to myself you turned to a pussy


you are-just another coward

a family man

just another coward

a nobody man


here and now i want you to decide

make a stand what´s wrong or right

do you wanna go or do you wanna stay

look straight into my face or get out of my way






I gonna ride the tiger when the cat is free

i gonna tell you the future and whats gonna be

i gonna leave my grave when the widow is gone

i´m a sexy zombie and i come undone


i´m supernatural got a universal mind

i gonna leave you-far behind


ryou will see-whatever gonna be

and if you don´t believe i carry on(2X)

cause i´m supernatural


Alto voltaggio non e`pericolo per me

sconfitta impossibile

mia magia nera invisibile

vi rende fragile e me imbattibile


end...i gonna tell your fortune with my crystal ball

i´m an invisible man walking through the wall

i gonna change your crap into shiny gold

my eyes are flashing and my hand throws a bolt




On Saturday morning

The postman´s delivered

A letter from a friend

Long forgotten

I tried to remember

Who he was and what he mean to me


I read the lines

And i noticed the offer

To take on all the world

I could not imagine

what it meant to me

my soul is damaged and hurt


i called him back

on the telephone

tears rolling down my face

like a new born child

i looked to the world

rising high above my place


be careful i thought

although i felt i could sing and dance

i was shure this was the one and only

this would be our last chance


i never thought i could turn the page

and change my direction

i never thought i could leave my cage

i locked in myself with perfection


we gonna take it

we gonna make it again

we only got one single life

let´s take a grip to our last chance




come close your eyes-sit next to me

and follow me-into my dreams...

and into the fire


as i remember-the days when i was young

as i remember-the days when i was strong...

we danced in the fire


no one knows the end - until the story is told

write your own story - but leave it untold - leave it untold


on the streets that we go there´s a fire burning low

but we never walk-we never walk the rainbow

on the streets that we go there´s a fire burning low

and we go straight ahead into the fire


heartaches and pain-we´ve seen it all

no chance at all-with our backs against the wall we danced in the fire