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From the Past till today


Wuppertal / Solingen are famous for the sharp Knives all over the world, but they are also the Cradle and the Center of German Metal, where famous international acts like ACCEPT started their carreer.


They are also the hometowns of the Musicians of NINJA.



NINJA had been founded in 1986 by

Holger vom Scheidt (voc),

Ulrich Siefen (git),

Martin Reinert (git),

Jörg Lennartz (b) und

Christoph Segreff (drums).





Each of these musicians had already a creative backhistory. Ulrich Siefen (git) had a band with the Ex-members of ACCEPT Jörg Fischer (git) and Frank Friedrich (drums)  called BLACK JACK back in 1982.

Holger vom Scheidt had been the Shouter of DANTON and MORDOR in the early 80´s.


They played a lot of gigs all over Germany and established also the first Record Deal with DS Recording.



CD Cover Iinvible NinjaIn 1988 the first Album INVINCIBLE was released. This Creation received positive CRITICS by  METALHAMMER and positive reactions from the Fanbase. Götz Kühnemund called Ninja the melodic ACCEPT(1989).


Intensive Live Touring followed but at end of 1989 Christoph Segreff and Ulrich Siefen had been called to, leave the band, because of personal differences.





Christoph Segreff was not a lucky man at all, after an car accident and after a long time choma he finally was relieved in 2009


RIP Christoph,one day we will meet again!




1992 the remaining members  released a self produced album called LIBERTY but this was also not a constant line up.


In 1993 after NINJA was dissembled Holger vom Scheidt was the shouter of Ulrich Siefens new Line up US FORCE. They start touring.





In 1997 Holger vom Scheidt and Ulrich Siefen bring NINJA back to life again and recorded Valley of Wolves, an album with good Song Material but 1997 was not the time anymore for classic Metal and the Album was not released.


Again NINJA was in Hibernation.


In 2004 Holger vom Scheidt and Ulrich Siefen recorded a new HARD ROCK Album under the new Name LIVING WRECK but also this formation ends in 2005.





In May 2014 Holger vom Scheidt and Ulrich Siefen reunite again under the name NINJA with new songs and a new Album and live Line UP to be released End of 2014.



NINJA Juni 2014